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How to Respond to An Employee Struggling Emotionally

Emotions by osmosis. That’s one way to describe the impact of our emotions on our co-workers. Like it or not each

View Career Breaks With An Open Mind

Stop! Do not dismiss the resumes of applicants with gaps in their work history.  If a candidate has applied for work…

Tech Industry Could Greatly Influence New Approach to DEI

A recent study by BeyondHQ revealed that workplace practices adopted by tech quickly become the industry standard. BeyondHQ measured diversity

How Can Non-Fungible Tokens be Used in HR?

In last week’s blog about NFTs, I wrote that valuation is dependent on a creator’s estimation of an item’s worth.

Racial Equity… Our Approach to Achieving it May Need Re-evaluation

There is a lot being written now about creating racial equity in our organizations. The problem is that the ways

It’s Time to Rebrand Employee Departures

Employees are leaving left and right these days. The Great Resignation/Reshuffle/Opportunity has forever altered the employment landscape. While there is