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Remote Does Not Need to Feel Like Removed

Out of sight out of mind can’t be true, right? Unfortunately, it can be. Deeply ingrained performance concepts like –

Establish a Culture that Encourages Honesty

As a leader you rely on your team to be honest. If an employee lies, point the finger back at

Hang on to Your Talent! Provide Resources to Address Mental Health Needs

A huge percentage of employees are leaving their jobs because employers have not made good on the pre pandemic promise

DE&I Programs… Turning Plans into Action

76% of HR leaders say that their organization tracks metrics to measure DE&I. As HR leaders we love to gather

Employees are Not Good or Bad, Workplace Cultures Are Good or Bad

The new shift in performance management is to focus on employee behavior, rather than employee attitudes. This is a bit

Do Unto Others….

Sometimes being an arbitrator of the “he said, she said” convo can be scary. Yes, workplaces are full of office

It Pays the Chat With Your People

I think Oprah said it. Honestly, Oprah has said a lot, but I think I’m safe in attributing “Everyone wants

You Have 6 Seconds to Cut Through the Noise!

As HR professionals one of our main responsibilities is ensuring that we successfully relay information to our employees. We are

Matthew McConaughey’s Good BUT, Not for Now, Advice

On Sept 6 about 7.5 million people lost their federal aid. An additional 3 million who were benefitting from state

Add Value by Valuing Your Employee

By 2020, Target had had a DE&I strategy in place for 16 years. The first half of those years Target