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Employees are Hungry to be Trained

Guess what?  People love to learn!  Currently, the training offered is falling short of expectations.  The dissatisfaction is shared among all ages –

Employees are Your Most Important Customers

There is a bit of a scramble for talent right now. Many in HR are realizing that that our best intentions

Like a Cat with Nine Lives…

Like a cat with nine lives, zoom meetings are here to stay.  Here are nine steps to make them great! Determine

Learning Made Bite Size

Upskilling is the smart way to retain great talent.  It’s probably one of the best ways an organization can demonstrate to

DOAs …Let’s Not Just Drink the Koolaid

At the close of 2021 I wrote about what the future looked like for HR. One aspect was Web3, and

Fostering Connection Between Employees Leads to High Performance

Employees need to have autonomy, competence, and relatedness. When work cultures enable employees to experience these three components, quality performance

What Will HR Look Like in 2022?

The primary gift of the pandemic in relation to HR practices was the forced pivot it demanded.  2022 will see us

Your Top Priority in 2022 is to Connect with Your Employees!

As an HR leader your priority during 2022 should be to make your employees feel certain, significant, connected and empowered. Pandemic

Conflict Is a Gateway to Discovery

Working remotely does not mean all is Kumbaya. A recent Paychex study reported that two thirds of us have experienced

Empower Employees – Provide On-Demand Learning

Complaining about a manager peering over your shoulder, and not trusting you to self-generate solutions is quickly becoming part of